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NEW! ERGO Launches Diamond Head Brush

ERGO’s family of hair brushes is growing…again! Launching this month is the new ERGO Diamond Head Brush™! The unique shape of the Diamond Head Brush™ allows you to get into the nape, fringe area, and sides with ease. The brush has a longer handle for a better grip and is more ergonomic because it has
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Trend Command is back!
Multi-tasking products and tools are all the rage these days. If you find yourself struggling with dryers, flat irons, brushes and curling iron...try this all-in-one from H2PRO: the Heat Brush with Natural Ion Therapy!
Spring Hair Trend: The Side Part
AN ELEGANT, YET EFFORTLESS STYLE Wear it left, right, up, down, wet, dry, when you’re in a hurry or taking your time… Wear it if you have short hair or long hair. It matters not. The side part is not only 2014′s statement parting, it’s also its universal one. It goes without saying that if
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NEW! All-Nutrient Name This Stuff
PRESENTING: ALL-NUTRIENT NAME THIS STUFF All-Nutrient recently unveiled a revolution breakthrough in hair technology with a new patent-pending product that will transform the way you do hair. It’s an all-in-one wonder formula that smooths, defrizzes, relaxes & repairs the hair. This instant keratin smoothing treatment is specially formulated with keratin amino acids and proteins that
Behold! The Power of the ERGO Brush [styled_list2 style=”list-ol”]  No slip grip. For those of us who get sweaty palms while performing a fabulous blowout. {Nervous, much?!}  Hair doesn’t get caught in any nooks and crannies.  Larger barrel so we can take bigger sections. Who doesn’t want to be done faster? Time is money!  Magically
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HAIR SCIENCE: Good lighting is everything!
The light in your salon is incredibly important! Have you ever found yourself in a position where you finish a color service…a client steps outside or gets a little natural light and reflection is completely different? In color services…lighting is everything! Depending on the kind of lighting in your salon, be aware of the kinds
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The Work of Sacha Quarles
IN THE PRESS: THE WORK OF SACHA QUARLES The work of She by SO.CAP.USA’s celebrity hairdresser Sacha Quarles can be spotted in the January issue of Vanity Fair Italia on his good friend Colin Farrell. Shot by John Russo in Dolce & Gabbana, Farrell has relied on Sacha’s skilled shears for years.
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ERGO’s Ceramic Tourmaline Tech
WHAT IS CERAMIC TOURMALINE TECHNOLOGY ANYWAY?? The terms ceramic and tourmaline get thrown around often when speaking about the tools that we use in the beauty industry every day. But do you know what ceramic tourmaline technology really is? Did you make something up the last time your client asked you about the importance of
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Hair History: The Undercut
A Timeless Men’s Trend from the Great Depression! By the time the Great Depression hit, the undercut had already been THE go-to look for young men in Great Britain. Here at home, the undercut became the symbol of young working class men, the builders of railroads…skyscrapers…farmers and factory workers. All things being cyclical again, these
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It’s all in the genes!
DID YOU KNOW? A person’s genes determine the hair/skin/eye color since before his or her birth. The determinants for hair color are known as melanocytes. These cells form the natural hair colors, or pigments and distinguish between black, brown, and red. Depending on the percentage of each pigment, the person has blonde, brown, red or
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Did you know that the braid is the oldest & most enduring hairstyle in the world? Braided hair has a long and literally winding history that roams across countries, cultures and centuries. Throughout history they have indicated everything from utility to glamor, social status to ethnicity, marital status to even religious affiliation. The oldest? The
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Sacha Quarles & Colin Farrell!
GOLDEN GLOBES 2015: COLIN FARRELL ~ OLD HOLLYWOOD GLAM CREATED BY: CELEBRITY HAIRDRESSER SACHA QUARLES On Sunday, actor Colin Farrell presented the Best Foreign Language film award alongside Lupita Nyong’o and sported the most glorious moustache and a classically old Hollywood quaff. Looking classically handsome in a Dolce & Gabbana tux, She by SO.CAP.USA’s Sacha