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Finally! No more bad hair days. This is the in-salon service your clients with “any texture” wavy, curly, or kinky hair have been waiting for!

Gary Smith, the hair legend who created 3 of the top selling brands of the last 50 years, launches his newest innovation: the ICO Texture Management System. Formulated with naturally occurring heavy water that contains Deuterium (a stable hydrogen isotope). It is deposited the hair naturally, forming a permanent hydrogen bond that lasts as long as the hair does!

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what we love...about ICO!

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weatherproofing for hair

Exclusive technology that will PERMANENTLY eliminate frizz for the life of the hair!

ZERO frizz, 100% texture RETAINED

Unlike smoothing or straightening systems, with fobi you retain natural texture but kick frizz to the curb.

a perfect solution for what's trending!

Natural texture is BIG right now. But everyone with curls, waves and kinky hair hates frizz.


  • The trend IS TEXTURE

  • DRAMATICALLY reduced drying time.

  • Texture control 24/7

  • Far less humidity reactive hair

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~ FREE set of the revolutionary 2oz ICO Home Texture Maintenance System to try!


ICO Changes Everything!

For years now, the keratin treatment makers have been telling women and the salon industry that the solution to frizz and manageability is to straighten and to accept the resulting lifeless hair and the toxicity that accompanies many of the popular straightening products. Now there is a clear and superior alternative that will shift this paradigm forever.

ICO is a revolutionary new in-salon service treatment plus at home system that internally corrects frizz and makes hair non-reactive to humidity. ICO is a dream come true for curly hair anyone with curly or frizzy hair. With the introduction of ICO, straightening, “smoothing” and the related negative consequences are simply not necessary.

How does ICO work?

ICO permanently eliminates genetic frizz by addressing the condition at the very cortex of the hair and at a micro-molecular level. Hair is primarily protein held together by three types of bonds, one of which is an electromagnetic hydrogen bond. Frizz is caused by vacant hydrogen bonds. These ‘vacant’ bonds are missing a hydrogen atom and desperately try to self-correct the situation by trying to obtain the missing hydrogen atom from moisture (H2O) in the air. This is why frizz prone hair inflates in humidity.

ICO uses naturally occurring heavy water also known as Deuterium (a stable isotope of hydrogen) to remove frizz at its source by providing the vacant hydrogen bond the missing hydrogen atom it desires. Once donated, the hydrogen bond is permanently corrected and sealed, resulting in hair that stops endlessly seeking external moisture. The result is hair that is no longer in a frazzled, frizzy state. Instead hair is now calm and smooth.

In addition to sealing the vacant frizz causing hydrogen bond, ICO also contains a proprietary blend of botanicals, oils and essential amino and fatty acids that help to restore hair to an optimal level of moisture and strength resulting in hair that is stronger, shinier and more manageable.

Key Benefits

  • Chemical-free
  • Non-straightening & non-damaging
  • Does not alter the hair’s natural curl or wave pattern
  • Safe & beneficial for all hair types
  • No heat activation required
  • Does not wash or wear off
  • Leaves hair manageable all day long
  • Average of 90 minutes from start to glistening finish

Client Initial Comments:

  • "I can run my fingers through my hair with no tangles"
  • "I still have my curls and my volume is the same, WOW"
  • "My hair feels soft not rough"
  • "My hair dries in about half the time"

Comments 7 Weeks Later:

  • "No more manageability, frizz issues"
  • "I can go curly or style however I desire"
  • "My hair is ‘weatherproof’"
  • "My style looks the same at night as it did in the morning"